123: Employee Ownership in Architectural Practice with Ewa Lenart and Alex Holton, Purcell


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This week I sit down with Ewa Lenart and Alex Holton of Purcell, Architects, Masterplanners and Heritage Consultants to speak about the history of Purcell and its exciting plans to move towards an employee owned business.

Ewa Lenart is an Architect at Purcell, with over 6 years of experience in practice with predominantly with cultural projects, large scale regenerations in the heart of London and exhibition and concept design in Vienna.

Alex provides specialist heritage property services for a range of clients, including private homeowners, tenants and estates, developers, universities, local authorities, Trusts and places of worship.

In this episode you will discover: - How Purcell have been preparing their organisation and leadership for their move towards employee ownership - How Purcell has set up numerous international studios - The business structure and new organisation for the employee owned business.

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