127: Collaboration in Construction with Michelle Lowe, Redshell Consulting


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This week, I’m speaking to Michelle Lowe, the Founding Director of Redshell Consulting, about the importance of building powerful teams, keeping everybody focused on delivering for the good of the project, and the roles and relationships within the processes of construction.

Redshell is a consultancy firm that offers project management, cost management, and claims consultancy. They are involved in the developmental roles and services to the construction industry, serving many various sectors, including private, high-end residential developers, households, commercial investors, as well as high-end world-class hotel and hospitality providers.

In this episode, you will discover - The importance of being able to educate clients about other consultants that they're working with - The importance of varying how you respond how you educate, and how you deliver based on who your client is. - How everyone can start to collaborate and find ways of lifting the profession and industry.


Discovery Call with Rion https://www.businessofarchitecture.co.uk/discoverycall

Redshell Consulting https://www.redshell.org/

Michelle's LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/redshellconsulting/

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