135: Flexibility, Adaptability, & Attitude with Oz Lancaster


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This week, I'm talking to Oz Lancaster who's the Founder and Director of Oz Designs, a London-based interior design company.

Oz works with an extraordinary array of high-profile clients from royal families to high net worth individuals, and she's got an international portfolio of stunning work.

In this interview, Oz and I discuss how she has grown her business, how she has won those clients and the elements of developing clients into long-lasting relationships that lead to referrals or, as she says, how to tap into the veins of gold.

We also discuss fees and the importance of delivering consistently high-quality work.


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Know more about Oz and Os Designs https://www.ozlancaster.com/

Oz' LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/oz-%C3%B6zge-lancaster-74770826/

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