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In this article, we cover the essential things to watch for in the context of Thailand treatment reviews - these are the checkpoints that experts in the space say you should watch for as you scan the possibilities of treatment in Thailand.

  1. Watch for best-practice, evidence-based treatment processes and by all means, do not fall prey to miracle cures when we all know there is no cure, but there is treatment.
  2. A truly professional treatment program will be licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health and will employ staff specifically trained in addictions counselling, as we have here at SafeHouse.
  3. Because many addicts and alcoholics are dually addicted, staff need to be able to identify, validate and treat both sides of the equation. Addiction might arise from trauma, abuse or mental illness to begin with.
  4. Aftercare is critical to long-term success. This fact also touches on the "success rate" which, quite honestly, is dependent on how dedicated to self-care the client is after leaving treatment. At SafeHouse, we work extra hard at giving clients the best possible chance at long-term sobriety with our ‘We Care program’. The bottom line is to reduce the odds of a relapse, the fear that all members of the family carry with them.
  5. The family dynamic has been warped by the presence of addiction in the house. The family needs to be educated on the nature of the disease and how they can best help their loved one recover, and not enable him further which can only lead to relapse.

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