You Can Help Put a Stop To This


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In this article, we address the fact that family members can do more to help improve treatment outcomes in their communities and at large.

We ask them to consider that:

  1. They can have an impact on the larger picture of improving outcomes by supporting initiatives such as the ones proposed by Shatterproof.
  2. In so doing, family members will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are not powerless to be of help to society. They can help put a stop to ineffective, marginal solutions to a central problem.
  3. By practicing the modern approach to recovery, SafeHouse Rehab meets or exceeds all Best Practices for treatment.
  4. We are proud to support the efforts of organizations whose mission is to improve outcomes for those with substance abuse disorder.
  5. Working with others to support positive change will rejuvenate the spirit of family members who know they are doing something to help a cause that is greater than themselves.

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