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Opportunity: Improve the quality and reliability of online ratings systems with the assistance of little Philipe and a VHS tape of the pain you've caused.

There’s a 2½ star Popeye’s in Tracy, and a 5-star Taco Bell in Pacifica with thousands of ratings, but who’s rating the raters? Perhaps reviewers will think twice if they know that they might have to repeat those comments to the proprietor’s sad child (rental or leasing options available).

Go ahead and unzip your wallet. Is it full of receipts? Open a Window™ and let those money ghosts fly away—you never know what ID card or student photo is waiting just around the corner.

Your keyring: do you still have the keys to the car you drove as a toddler? Go ahead and slide those off. Sure you might break a fingernail—hold onto that, it’s a happy memory of your newfound freedom you might want to bequeath to a friend one day.

Grab your satchel full of California quarters and your wallet full of tiny bills. Let's mint a new you.

(Be sure to check out the YouTube video via this episode's show notes. It's way better that way.)

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