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Opportunity: an immersive journey inside of another immersive journey.

When Hobbes first stipulated that Man's primal instinct naturally reverts to a state of mall against mall, he probably had no idea how prescient he barely was.

But, what if History could also be a lively if self-referential retail and fast-casual dining experience? What if, indeed, that food court were presided over by a period-appropriate "judge" who deliberately attracted fleas and never broke kayfabe to admit that Wu-Tang Clan even exists?

Well, steel your guts and pack your butts, because your reality is about to get deeply augmented by some really upsetting contextual tableaux.

Like it or not, you've got the music in you. At least for now.

(Be sure to check out the YouTube video via this episode's show notes. It's way better that way.)

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