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How do we save money on Black Friday? Welcome back to another episode with Melea Johnson of The Melea Show. I hope you listened to the last episode where she shared everything that she has done up until this point to save money, find balance in her family as a wife, a mother, and a business owner.
"Don't cause yourself unneeded stress when you're having the same Black Friday deals now." - Melea Johnson

But to give you a recap, Melea attended the University of Utah, where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism and founded a blog, Freebies2Deals, in 2009, where she talked all about saving money.
She was able to sell that blog in 2016 and reevaluated her life. Melea then decided she wanted to do things a little bit differently and started a Youtube channel, which she then grew and shared advice on how to save money in the best way possible.
"Have a list. So whether I'm at a store or if I'm at home shopping on a computer, I know what's on purchase for each person and I know what I paid for and then I also know what things I might still be looking for." - Melea Johnson

And on this episode, we will be talking specifically about what to do on Black Friday, how to save the most money, and how to organize your time with notes and the best tips so that you can have the best holiday possible.
"For people who really want to stay on budget, you need to go backward." - Melea Johnson
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