David Guttman - VP of Engineering at Outlier, Led Teams at Disney & AT&T, Superstruct, JSLA, Podcast Host | EP14


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Our next guest is an entrepreneur who helps companies build awesome software engineer teams.

He runs Superstruct, an LA-based consultancy specializing in building in-house engineering teams for tech startups,

He’s the VP of engineering at Outlier, pivoting college education into an affordable, high quality online educational platform,

He’s worked and led teams at Disney and AT&T,

he’s a notable author of multiple books on software engineering,

Podcast host called Junior to Senior where he interviews tech professionals and dives deep into how CTO’s and devs in leadership roles operate and put together successful technologies,

AND the community organizer of JSLA (Javascript Los Angeles) a couple thousand member strong tribe surrounding one of the most effective internet technologies that powers many of the platforms we use in our everyday lives.

He’s the engineers engineer, an undeniably talented artist and his code is more beautiful than Dan Bilzerian’s 59 girlfriends… Ok, ok, maybe just as goregous. But regardless…

Please welcome our next guest, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, David Guttman

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