Dr. Tom Walters AKA The Pain Doctor - Cirque du Soleil Athletes, what Managing Pain More Effectively Through Movement, Bio Psycho Social Modeling, And Thoughts on Effective CIA Torturing Techniques


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Our next guest is an entrepreneur who founded and is rapidly growing one of the most prominent and educational online platforms in physical therapy called Rehab Science.

He received his doctorate in physical therapy from Chapman University and has been helping patients ranging from Cirque du Soleil athletes to soccer moms move better and alleviate pain through his data and research driven approach.

He’s also CSCS certified, and for those who don’t know what that is, it’s the highest strength and conditioning certification you can get. So all of you Instagram fitness coaches… nows the time to shut up and listen.

He was the first college professor to ever fail me and if I’m ever wanting to feel more self-conscious about my follower count on Instagram, I just look at his page…

Please welcome our next guest and by far the smartest person in the room right now, Dr. Tom Walters

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