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Tom Mandrake has created and illustrated comic books and graphic novels for all the major publishers. Titles he has worked on include: BATMAN, MARTIAN MAN-HUNTER, FIRESTORM, SHAZAM and his acclaimed five years run on THE SPECTRE for DC Comics; THE NEW MUTANTS, THE PUNISHER, WEAPON X, WOLVERINE and THE HULK UNCHAINED for Marvel Comics; GRIMJACK for First Comics, X-FILES for IDW, SIDEKICK for Joe's Comics, CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER for Titan Comics and stories for the Scooby Doo and Secret Squirrel titles for DC.

Tom's creator owned projects include: TO HELL YOU RIDE with Lance Henrikson and Joe Maddrey through Dark Horse Comics, CREEPS with Dan Mishkin through Image Comics.

Tom Kickstarted and self-published KROS:HALLOWED GROUND with John Ostrander in 2017.

Tom wrote and drew his creator owned horror anthology, SCREAMING MANDRAKE, in 2018.

He has also worked with Clint on the artwork for the 100 Deadly Skills books series.

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