36 - How ya know what I wanna say? Whaddya think? Course I know. Can't stand your stupid dementia.


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Learn informal conversations in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. This ep is a preview of what's to come in the absurdist world of dementia with some tangents going off on the so-called life of broiler chickens, the fate of cats and mice, the bonds of parent and child, pets, non-cancerous moles, onomatopoetic words, crap meds, and other things as they pop up. sister video: https://youtu.be/csfhqvDaVcQ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cantomandomommy ep 32 (whole dialog) https://soundcloud.com/leslie-frank-643243096/32-my-lower-back-is-killing-me-but-where-da-heck-is-the-doc ©2020 Leslie D.Y. Frank

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