35 - In the end it's all for nothing since all he does is rx crappy drugs


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Learn informal conversations in Eng, Canto and Mando. This ep is about the futility of trying to call an MD who rx’s crappy meds and continues pairing podcasts with YouTube videos so that you have different approaches to master Canto and Mando. sister video: https://youtu.be/3C30-SMjNfc 卒之得個桔,冇人聽電話。不過冇所謂... 到头来一场空,没有人接电话。不过无所谓... 冇所謂,橫掂佢凈係識得開啲冇鬼用藥。 无所谓,反正他只会开一些乱七八糟药。

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