Willow and the runaway horse


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Today's podcast episode is a little teaser of our new audio story bundle coming in September! These bedtime stories will be the perfect bundle to bring peace to your child before they go to sleep. You will love Goodnight God bedtime stories.

Listen to the episode to find out what the story is about....enjoy this little sneak peek.


Willow Edwards is staying at her Uncle Jake’s house while her parents serve in the Navy and are deployed for a few months. Even though Willow misses them, she finds ways to keep busy. One of her favourite things to do is explore the surroundings of her uncle’s big property.

One day at the beginning of her school holidays she hears a strange sound echoing in the distance. Intrigued and a little concerned she follows the noise and discovers a beautiful horse whose hoof is trapped. Willow’s kind heart knows she needs to help him. A little afraid she inches her way towards it and hopes that it will let her help him.

I'm interested in the book bundle


Written by: Elle Stephens

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