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We welcome to the show former NFL kicker turned Commercial Real Estate professional, David Treadwell who talks us through his career story while connecting his former athletic competitive nature to the career he is in today. An advocate for highlighting the ways athletes can transfer their traits and skillset to a career beyond sports, David provides some impactful perspectives that can help revitalize anyone’s career story to this point.

With an underdog story his entire football life, David learned what it meant to earn opportunities for yourself and to make sure you did not waste them once you were there. Furthermore, while pursuing his ultimate football goals he never once lost sight of the importance of getting education and experiences elsewhere so he could be best equipped to make the jump from football when the time came. This episode is going to calm anyone who is maybe a little deterred or frustrated by opportunities they want not being there, as well as provide a perspective on the benefits of having purpose in your everyday life and why it can be healthy to have a lot on your plate.

David explains to us where he is with his career in commercial real estate and how it brings him close to a competitive arena similar to sports (4:45). He then tells us his story starting with how he opted to attend Clemson University for educational purposes initially (6:05) and how playing for the football team became an opportunity through a Walk On opportunity. In addition, he explains how he established himself as a kicker on the football team and then how he landed in Denver with the Broncos in the NFL (10:00). David sheds light on the importance of not becoming disconnected from the “work world” despite chasing a footballing career, and remained proactive with his time outside of football (13:50). Other topics covered include; the

importance of pursuing your passion while being extremely aware of how you treat and interact with others (18:10); remaining open-minded regarding taking opportunities so you can just open doors to then find out more over time as to whether the opportunity is right for you (22:05); the adverse situation for a professional athlete ending their career and having to find a new career that others had the opportunity to establish themselves within long before a former pro athlete (23:20). Finally, we learn about the competitor David is and how he found the ability to be competitive beyond his football career (26:55), and how he values having a purpose in life (31:05) and how we must embrace how that can influence having the busiest of days.

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