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We welcome in one of the top 10 surfers of the 20th century, successful businessman, and professional speaker, Shaun Tomson to the show who today is inspiring people the world over the establish purpose within their life using “the code”. This episode provides insight for just about everyone from current athletes trying to handle competition better, to established career men & women that need that added direction within their lives.

The person that Shaun is today was built within the sport of surfing and it taught him to appreciate living life by a certain “code”. Following an incredibly traumatic experience a few years ago, Shaun decided it was time to find a new outlet for his career and his “surfers code” became the focal point of his message to those he spoke to. Years later he is now extremely well-established as a motivational speaker in how he provides people with the opportunity to press reset on how their life is going and move forwards with a new-found purpose.

We are introduced to Shaun’s history within the sport of surfing (4:15) and how he was a part of the process of implementing the sport on a competitive and global stage, before starting his first enterprise with his first surfing brand (Instinct) and the many more steps in his story after that. We also get a first glimpse of the mind behind the man in his approach to pursuing a passion and turning it into a success (5:45), and how a tragedy in his life became the start of his most recent chapter as an author and speaker. The topic of purpose (7:50) is brought up for the first time and how it can provide an individual direction and actually bring people together in their similar visions for what they want in life. We then learn how surfers are who and what they are at all times in the sense that sport very much embodies their personality and behaviors where the two go hand in hand (10:50). He builds upon this concept by proposing that surfers are obsessed with the lifestyle (13:00) to the point where their entire day and life is dictated by the need to surf. We gain a perspective on competitiveness from Shaun (16:45) that is incredibly unique and yet very understandable in terms of the environment he was able to excel within as a surfer. He expands upon this by relating it to a more commonly known term today – “the state of flow” (19:40) – and how he was one of the first to embody this state that allowed him to achieve feats that had never before been seen. Shaun’s contrasting philosophy comes to the forefront (28:50) in relation to the winning culture and mindset of others that have achieved greatness, Shaun is all about the ability to “give it your all” and accept the results. We learn about “The river of life called purpose” (32:50) on how we will be better and how we will help others be better, as well as hearing the way Shaun embodies Empathy & Respect (37:00) as core values instilled in him from his parents and how that has led him to try and treat people the same way and, more specifically, be a consistent inspiration as an athlete. Other topics include; The S.A.D mindset (41:00) and how people reveal this within his presentations; The role decisions have on the way the world works and how our lives are impacted by each and every one of us (44:00); and Shaun’s final thoughts (48:30) on the value of writing your code in order to establish power within your life.

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