005: Alice Jones | Working Through Mental Hurdles, Switching Majors, The Importance of Asking Why & Prioritizing What Comes Naturally


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In this episode, I chat with my pal Alice Jones who is the Chief Financial Officer at Yoshi in Nashville, TN. Yoshi is doing some really cool things in the gas and automotive delivery and service space.

Originally from the Bay Area, Alice has spent several years in Switzerland and earned her Bachelor's degree in Economics from Princeton University. Alice has also worked at IBM, Notch Partners, and AppNexus.

In our fun and informative conversation, we discuss:

  • The two criteria she requires for every job
  • Working through mental hurdles and why you should believe you’re qualified for that job you're interested in
  • The energy war for automobiles and the future of delivering power to auto consumers
  • The differences between growing up in the U.S. and Switzerland
  • How and why she switched from studying electrical engineering to economics at Princeton.
  • The one thing no one talks about regarding engineering programs
  • Why working in Operations is underrated
  • Her attraction to solving problems
  • The importance of asking why over and over
  • Why you should lean into what comes naturally for you

You can connect with Alice on LinkedIn and learn more Yoshi here.

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