Black Lightning Matters | S4 E8: Things Fall Apart | with @ColeJackson12


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Carefree Black Nerd Presents: “Black Lightning Matters” * Use the hashtag #BLMpod when watching Black Lighting and listening to this episode The FBI pays Jefferson a visit; Anissa surprises Grace Every Monday join Rhayne Coleman and Cole Jackson on Instagram live for their official Black Lightning Pregame (15 minutes before the show airs) then immediately after on twitter for their live tweet before Black Lightning (Matters) airs. Use the hashtag #BLMpod S4 Episode 8: The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three: Things Fall Apart ** Check out A Conversation with Rico Ball, Black Lightning's Ishmael: [ ] * Check out #BLMpod's Season 4 Fan Redo: [ ] Cole Jackson - Favorite Character: TC Least Favorite: Tobias Rating: 1 (out of 5 Lightning Strikes) Rhayne Coleman - Favorite Character: TC Least Favorite: Anissa Rating: 2 (out of 5 Lightning Strikes) **Be sure to join is for the Black Lightning Pre-Game over on Instagram (@/CarefreeBlackNerd) 15 minutes before the show airs (6:45C/7:45E) every Monday. Then catch us right after over on twitter for our live tweet using the hashtag #BLMpod * Co-Host: Cole Jackson -, SHOWS:, Email: Twitter: Instagram: Resume: Spotify: YouTube: ITunes: Stitcher: SoundCloud: Subscribe, Like, Rate and Review the show on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and Google Play and #CBNreview #CBNpod #BLMpodSquad Subscribe, Like, Rate and Review the show on iTunes and SoundCloud Download past Episodes and subscribe to future Episodes of Black Lightning Matters by visiting

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