Smells Like Teen Mutants | 001: Encounter


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Carefree Black Nerd Presents: “Smells Like Teen Mutants” a Generation X review * Use the hashtag #SLTMpod when listening to and live tweeting this episode. Rhayne takes a walk down memory lane with his favorite comic book of all time, Generation X. This book is the 1994 Marvel Comics spin-off of the X-Men, the team was created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Chris Bachalo. Every issue was filled with teenage angst, big battles, running for your life and of course love triangles. Join me on this journey where I hope I can make you just as big of a fan as I am. Today's Reading: The Uncanny X-Men # 316 (1963) -Published September 4, 1994 Question: How much did the human world know about mutants and Xavier's mutant school in 1994 Marvel/X-Men continuity? Next Episode Reading: X-Men # 36 (1991) - Published: September 1, 1994 Email: Twitter: Instagram: Resume: Spotify: YouTube: ITunes: Stitcher: SoundCloud: Live tweet this issue using the hashtag #SLTMpod| #SmellsLikeTeenMutants Subscribe, Like, Rate and Review the show on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and Google Play, wherever else you listen to podcasts) Download episodes of "Smells Like Teen Mutants" and subscribe to future episodes by visiting

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