Castle Talk: The Ike Boys Team on the Joy and Heroism of Fandom


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In this episode of Castle Talk, Tony Salvaggio chats with Co-writer/director Eric McEver (directorial debut), Quinn Lord (Netflix’s “Firefly Lane,” Trick ‘r Treat), Ronak Gandhi (You are Here, Age of Summer) and Christina Higa (Am I OK?) of the new film Ike Boys.
This from-the-heart love letter to Anime, Tokusatsu, and being uncool in high school while trying to prevent an apocalypse, debuts at Fantastic Fest on Sunday, September 26th. In addition to hitting home for anyone who grew up liking things that weren't cool at the time, Ike Boys also has a lot to say about cultural expectations and assumptions, and the shared bond we can feel through the love of pop culture (and a possible tie to the original 1954 Godzilla film is revealed.) Joins us as we talk about all of these things as well as the awesome ending track by actress/composer Christina Higa.

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