The Vampire Panel: Vampires in Media from Bloodsucker City & Castle Bridge Media


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On the release date of the bloody new vampire novella BLOODSUCKER CITY by Jim Towns from Castle Bridge Media.
Join our select list of vampire experts and writers as they chat about the remarkable resilience of the vampire in media. Not only does everyone have a favorite but they tend to fight for it, from regal old-world romancers like Bela Lugosi's Dracula to the seething predator of Stoker's original, to femme fatale vampires like Carmilla, to sparkly lovers like Twilight's Edward. Where do YOU come down?
Jim Towns, director and author, American Cryptic
Christopher Farnsworth, author, The President's Vampire
Leanna Renne Hieber, author, Strangely Beautiful
Charles R. Rutledge, author, Dracula's Revenge
Moderated by Jason Henderson, writer, Sword of Dracula

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