The Green Knight, Annette, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood: The Novel, The Big Picture Podcast: Siskel & Ebert Series


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This week Chris, Mike and Justin review the newest David Lowery film, The Green Knight. However, first, they discuss Annette, the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Novel and The Big Picture podcast's Siskel & Ebert series.

- Intro (00:00:00 - 00:03:29)

- News on the March! (00:03:29 - 00:25:37)

- The Big Picture podcast: Siskel & Ebert Series

- Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Novel

- Annette

- The Green Knight Review (00:25:37 - 1:08:51)

- Spoilers start at 00:44:20

- Outro (01:08:51 - 01:10:06)

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