Casual Soccer Podcast Episode 1: World Cup 2018, Day One


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Can two over-worked and over-committed fans start a podcast and keep it going? There's only one way to find out as Kayti and John talk about what brought them into soccer, and discuss their takes on the world events.

What's it like watching a World Cup without the US? Is it like watching Eurovision? Or is it like being outside a party wanting to get in? Or is it both?

Was Robbie Williams the greatest performer to ever front a World Cup? What do we want next for him?

Was Russia that good, or was Saudi Arabia that bad?

Will Kayti decide on a team to root for? And has John cursed three times by revealing his favorites?

How many of these questions will we answer? Listen and find out on our premier (and slightly ramshackle) podcast.

Kayti can be found at @kaytiburt

John can be found at @YosemiteForest


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