Episode #6: What is 'Radical', anyway?


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We’re happy to be back with Episode #6, where we want to ask a big question: What is ‘radical’, anyway? We want to Catch you Up To Speed on other eras in American History that were seen as ‘radical’, but in retrospect seem necessary, even essential.

We’re also moving into re-working our format, and will bring regular examples of our ‘4 Tips for following the News’, while setting the stage for even more new themes and features for future episodes.


Click here for some background on previous Democratic party platforms, and why the 2020 platform isn't necessarily 'radical' based on history.

In the early 1970's, Richard Nixon did talk about universal health care...before taking on Edgar Kaiser et al. suggestions for the HMO system.

And here are the two op-eds from former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers:

Washington Post Op-Ed, February 4th

WSJ.com Op-Ed, February 5th

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