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Questions Covered: 07:25 – How do we respond to the Protestant objection to the True Presence in the Eucharist when they use John 6:3 as evidence against it? 13:51 – I feel there is a lack of financial transparency in the Church. Is this true and if so, can it be rectified? 18:52 – How can I prove that Paul is the author of Ephesians? 29:26 – Is there any significance to the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Catholic eschatology? 34:39 – What is your take on remote viewing, where people teleport their minds in order to see another place? 41:30 – Can a Catholic and non-Catholic be married sacramentally? 44:57 – What is up with this claim that there is a second pope? 49:20 – Is it okay for people to be charismatic Catholics? It seems really similar to Pentecostal Christianity. …

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