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Jimmy Answers helps callers with their Bible questions. Questions Covered: 04:10 – What are the best Bible verses to defend becoming Catholic? 10:53 – What is subsistence? 14:00 – In Revelation, there is mention of the numbers 666 as the sign of the beast. It is also in 1 Kings, referencing the number of talents that Solomon received each year. Is there any special meaning in this? 21:41 – The writers of James and Hebrews seem to have different beliefs about faith and works. Do they disagree on how salvation is obtained? 28:50 – Is there scriptural evidence for there being different degrees of enjoyment of the beatific vision? 34:14 – How does the Catholic Church go about deciding which books are inspired by God? 36:33 – Towards the end of the book of Daniel, it suddenly begins portraying him as a younger man. Why? Also, there are wars with “the prince of Persia”. Are these actual wars? 45:08 – When Moses and Elijah appear when Jesus is transfigured on the mountain, I have been told that it is necromancy. How can I respond to this accusation? 50:05 – Was Jesus dead for 3 days and 3 nights? 51:51 – In Genesis we know that human nature changed with the fall of man, did Lucifer change as well? When God made Lucifer a serpent, was he changing him? Resources Mentioned: Why Be Catholic by Jimmy Akin The Bible is a Catholic Book JAMW – #112 On God and the Gods/ #87 The Nephilim …

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