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Jimmy Answers helps callers with their Bible questions. Questions Covered: 07:13 – In today’s Bible reading, it seems like Jesus left Zebedee behind. Why didn’t he take him along with his sons? 14:14 – Where in the Bible does it talk about predestination? Do we believe in that? 21:00 – When did Adam and Eve live? 22:16 – What is meant in Galatians 4:9 in the NRSV by “elemental spirits”? 28:49 – I am a Hindu. Why would Jesus die for your sins? Doesn’t that just make people feel like they can keep sinning? 34:55 – If souls have been good in serving God throughout their lives, will they still have to go to purgatory? 36:52 – Ezekiel 34:12-13 and 15-17 has a completely different translation in my Spanish and English Bibles. In English, it says “destroy” and in Spanish “take care of”. Why? 43:45 – Was a one world order predicted in Revelation 13? 49:30 – How are we meant to understand the use of the word “lord” in the Bible? Resources Mentioned: Predestination in the Bible by Jimmy 20 Answers End Times JAMW #84 Private Revelation; #93; #94 …

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