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What were the main characteristics of the Doctors of the Church? In this episode, we briefly discuss not only who the Doctors the Church were, but we also describe some of their salient characteristics.

We note, among other things, that the Doctors were most remembered as those who excelled in a deep understanding of the Christian faith. Despite their cultural, historical and professional differences, they were united by a depth of understanding that was unparalleled during their times.

They were also united in their deep commitment to the Catholic faith. Throughout their Christian life, they had a remarkable commitment to the the teaching authority of the Church. The Church established the basis for their thinking about the life questions.

We also note that the Doctors of the Church were characterized by a deep love of God and their fellow human beings. These men and women reached intellectual heights unknown to most other Christians of their respective eras. Nevertheless, they were characterized by a deep commitment to share their faith and to contribute to the formation of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Join us this week as we discuss key principles for overcoming challenges and enjoying the blessings of the Church’s treasures.

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