Big Lots, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Tackle Pediatric Mental Health


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One in 5 children is living with significant mental illness and half of all lifetime mental health challenges start by the age of 14. To address this issue of pediatric mental health, Big Lots and Nationwide Children’s Hospital have partnered to create an initiative called ‘On Our Sleeves’ since kids don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves but still need our support.

Given the additional stresses created by COVID, the issue of pediatric mental health is even more critical now. In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan speaks with Jeremy Ball, VP of Internal Communications, Philanthropy and Events and Donna Teach, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital about their partnership and how they’ve pivoted during COVID to create an incredible, gratitude-focused platform. They discuss the resources the team has developed for kids and families and what their plans are to keep their foot on the gas when it comes to providing resources for pediatric mental health.

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