Cavebabble 273: The 2020 Masked Babblers Road Trip Part One


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The Cavebabblers don masks, pack their own food, and head off on a multi-state, socially-distanced road trip. Part one highlights include giant sculptures, fossil beds, extreme storm damage, high train trestle hiking, and the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Star Trek Is Real.

Song Clips: 1) Road Trip by Sons of Zion 2) Technology Song (The Robot Dance) by Rockin’ English 3) Statue by Tommy Sands 4) Mark Twain by the Kingston Trio 5) Crossing State Lines by Redd Byrdd 6) Sasquatch by Ice Cube 7) Stop the Car by Fatherson 8) Star Trek: TOS Bridge Background Ambience 9) Fossilization by Science Rap Academy 10) No Vacancy by OneRepublic 11) Baby's Building a Tower Into Space by Adventure Time 12) Standing in a Field by Pybus 13) Motel 6 by Cub 14) Take a Walk by Passion Pit 15) After the Storm Blows Through by Maddie & Tae 16) The Gnome Song by Ian Gott 17) Bird Song by Have Fun Teaching 18) I'm From Minnesota (The Minnesota Anthem) by Alex Frecon 19) Fly Away by TheFatRat 20) Lake Superior by Song of the Lakes

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