The Big Story - Jesus: Fulfilment - Eddie Backler


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The death and resurrection of Jesus means that the distance that once lay between God and humanity is finally bridged. We read in Matthew’s account how the curtain was torn in two, symbolising that the access that had once been reserved for only the high priest was now open to all – because of Jesus we can do what we never could do before, we can boldly approach God. This restoration of intimate relationship was what Jesus came to redeem for us. At the end of Matthew’s gospel we read the charge that Jesus gave his disciples and consequently to us as well. We are not just able to live in beautiful communion with God; we are called to participate in the establishment of his Kingdom here on earth! We have a responsibility as followers of Jesus and our lives are now caught up with his. All of the stories we’ve read throughout this series have been leading to this moment, the new covenant of God’s grace is here.

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