The Big Story - Jesus: Incarnation - Eddie Backler


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Every story of God’s faithfulness and commitment to his people had been leading up to this moment – when God stepped into his humanity. This was the only way; the people had tried and failed to remain faithful to God, the law had tried and failed to make people right before God, the relationship was fractured. In both the prophecy from Isaiah and the opening of John’s gospel, we see the hope that finally arrives through the coming of Jesus, the Messiah. Throughout the generations, God had kept his promises to his people even when they had broken them and here in Jesus we see the greatest promise, given and kept once and for all. In the big story of God’s rescue plan for humanity, this is the seminal moment. The incarnation of Jesus was about to change everything; the relationship we were made for would be made possible forever through him, the responsibility we are called into is opened up again through him.

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