[SPINNING YARNS] 64. Norman Fisher - The Croc wrangling, buffalo breeding Cattleman


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We all know that when you work on a cattle station, you’re bound to come across creatures other than cattle.

If you’re in the desert country, it might be camels and donkeys – and if you’re way up high in the top end, you’ll probably see water buffalo, and if you’re lucky… or … well… unlucky… a crocodile.

Norman Fisher was born and bred in the Top End of the Northern Territory, and his family not only ran cattle, but domesticated their own herd of buffalo.

However, seeing as one of their stations also had its own supply of saltwater crocodiles – Norman thought he’d try his hand working with them too!

In this episode, I ask Norman about what it’s like to work with both livestock and crocs – this is a yarn you don’t want to miss!


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