[SPINNING YARNS] 76. Doug McBean - What I've learnt from 30 years in a helicopter


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Doug McBean is was raised on a cattle station in the Victoria River District in the Northern Territory. With 30 years under his belt as a helicopter mustering pilot, he’s seen and done a fair bit around the traps.

So, you might think that a podcast episode with Doug would involve all sorts of wild yarns about mustering a helicopter – but that couldn’t be any further from what this episode is about – although don’t worry – we’ve convinced him to come back on the show for one of those episodes!

In this episode, Doug reflects on what he has learnt from his time in the pastoral game, and where he sees an opportunity to strengthen the sustainability of the industry. It’s a really interesting conversation, and similar to one I’ve had with many people across the country – but no one has been willing to speak about it openly… until now. So, be sure to join our Central Station podcast group on facebook and let us know what you think about this episode.


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