The Other Side of Mercy w/ Pastor Bobby Walton


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Could you imagine if God took His grace away from you. Where would you be if you ran out of mercy? Well, I'll tell you it wouldn't be a good place!
God is so good to us! He gives us brand new mercies every morning. (He knew we needed them). However, I recently learned that there is another side. I know you're wondering... another side of mercy?? Oh yes! & once you find out how to cross over it will change your life!

Please join MJ & Pastor Bobby Walton as he breaks down the other side of mercy. I guarantee you will never look at mercy the same after hearing this!

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Bobby Walton Jr. has been preaching since 2007 and in pastoral ministry since 2011. He served as Senior Pastor of Harvest For the World Outreach Ministries until 2018. Currently he is serving as an associate pastor of Bread Of life Church of God in Christ under the leader ship of Pastor Naamon Williams!

Pastor Bobby is a native of Chicago, IL. He currently works for the City Of Chicago water department for eight years! He and his wife Tajuanna have been married for 18 years. They are the proud parents of seven children.

An effective communicator of God’s word Pastor Bobby is known for his practical and dynamic teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truth of Scripture to their every day lives.

One of his quotes “Knowing God is better than knowing the answer because He is the Answer.”

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