A Business Approach for Higher Ed Strategic Planning Success Using Data Analytics and Change Management


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Podcast Summary

Dr. Drumm McNaughton interviews Mark Lombardi, president at Maryville University, about the institution’s culture of innovation.

Podcast Highlights

  • Innovation in higher education involves starting with the end in mind, i.e., identifying the end point and ending date, and then allowing people to innovate with a focus on bringing the desired outcome into being.
  • This approach requires changing the definition of failure so that it becomes a learning opportunity as opposed to a terrible outcome that people are penalized for.
  • Creating this type of innovative culture requires letting go of 20th century processes that have become antiquated, such as consensus and seniority.

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Dr. Drumm McNaughton provides governance consulting; strategic planning, implementation, and change management consulting, and accreditation consulting for higher ed institutions. To find out more about his services and read other thought leadership pieces, visit his firm’s website, https://changinghighered.com/.

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