225: Gaia Starseeds | Starseeds Who Aren’t “Starseeds”


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Happy Earth Day! Do you feel kind of like a starseed but you also feel very connected to the Earth? It’s like you’re a starseed who’s not really a starseed or something. You may be a Gaia Starseed!
Gaia Starseeds are people whose only incarnation or most recent past life was on the Earth during Atlantis or Lemuria golden ages. Or, a Gaia Starseed may simply have a profound resonance with their previous golden era life and are anchoring those energies in this life.
The reason why Gaia Starseed is “Starseed” as opposed to “Earthseed” has to do with just how different the Earth experience was during our golden eras (Atlantis and Lemuria).
We were existing much closer to our higher frequency, cosmic potential. Therefore, incarnating during Atlantis/Lemuria was as if incarnating on a totally different planet by comparison to our current situation.
In this episode, Tricia Carr breaks down this recently channeled information about Gaia Starseeds, including the traits of Lemuria Gaia Starseed and Atlantis Gaia Starseed.
Tricia Carr is a spiritual teacher, empathic channel, multidimensional medium, certified hypnotherapist and animal telepath.
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