Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry): Living with Bipolar & Anxiety and Carly Hester (NAMI, Clinical Social Worker)


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Mari Fong interviews Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry and Carly Hester of NAMI, Philly and Clinical Social Worker. Chris Robertson shares his story of being manic depressive or bipolar disorder with anxiety and panic attacks along with his solutions for recovery.
Having recently dropped their album "The Human Condition," Chris talks about songs like "Push Down and Turn" and the struggles of depression and mania that come with his condition. Close to committing suicide, he eventually finds help with therapy, medication and more. Chris also talks about self-medicating with drugs and alcohol that led to dire consequences.
Next, we have Carly Hester of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) speak on the difference between bipolar 1 and 2, and symptoms to look for. Carly also discusses the correlation between gut health and mental health, along with the many resources found through for those with mood disorders and their families.
“Be brave, ask for help, and be persistent in finding the mental help that you need.”
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