Gabbie Hanna: Living with Anxiety & Bulimia Recovery with Cat Moore (USC Director of Belonging)


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Mari interviews pop singer-songwriter Gabbie Hanna and Cat Moore, USC Director of Belonging. Gabbie Hanna shares her story and solutions for anxiety, bulimia, depression and more. Growing up in a dysfunctional family and raised by narcissistic parents, Gabbie had a tough time making friends and connecting with others.

During a dark, lonely period of her life, Gabbie started posting videos of herself on Vine to try and make friends which eventually led to millions of followers. She talks about the pressures of being on the internet, cyberbullying and the danger of relying at "likes" and "follows" for your identity. Gabbie shares her solutions using the power of healthy, loving relationships, forgiveness, and more.

Next, loneliness expert, coach and speaker Cat Moore shares her story of being lonely for the first 24 years of her life and finally finding the secret to making friends and lasting connections. USC deemed her a "belonging expert" to teach students how to feel more connected while attending college and beyond. We end the episode with a clip of Gabbie Hanna’s single “Call Me Crazy” to be released on her upcoming album.
“Be brave, ask for help, and be persistent in finding the mental help that you need.”
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