Grant DeCrane (Pray For Sleep): Sexual Abuse and Self-harm Recovery with Kat Parsons (Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist)


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Mari interviews Grant DeCrane (Pray For Sleep) and Kat Parsons AKA Katharine Petzold (Psychotherapist & Licensed Counselor, Trauma Specialist). Musician and lead singer Grant DeCrane of alternative rock band Pray For Sleep shares his story of sexual trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Grant begins counseling but still experiences panic attacks and self-harm by cutting. His feelings of guilt and self-blame are relieved by therapy and music.
Grant shares the coping skills learned in therapy that lead to his recovery and healing. Pray For Sleep become advocates for mental health for teens and young adults by creating the Screamback Program (
Next, Mari talks with Kat Parsons, a musician, singer-songwriter and psychotherapist specializing in trauma, depression and anxiety. Kat talks about the emotions often experienced after sexual trauma, ways to deal with the aftermath, imposter syndrome, and the many reasons behind why musicians seem to experience more mental health issues than other career occupations.
“Be brave, ask for help, and be persistent in finding the mental help that you need.”
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