Ruby Carr & Natalia Panzarella (Bahari): Living with Bipolar & Anxiety with Mari Fong (Life Coach for Musicians) & Kat Jensen


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Mari Fong interviews Ruby Carr and Natalia Panzarella of Bahari. Mari Fong (Life Coach for Musicians) and musician Kat Jensen discuss the Bahari interview, the benefits of journaling, and the medication naloxone or Narcan for the use of stopping an opioid overdose.
Natalia and Ruby share their story and solutions for bipolar, panic attacks and depression. The duo talks about how they bonded by helping each other with depression and other mood disorders, along with songwriting about their mental health. Natalia shares how losing her boyfriend to an opioid overdose inspired Bahari's new singles, "Jackie Kennedy" and "Bipolar" as well as the Luke Love Foundation, a nonprofit created in his name to fight opioid addiction and overdoses.
Next, Kat Jensen and Mari discuss the Bahari interview and how journaling can be a creative and therapeutic way to express your emotions and confidential thoughts. They also share information on naloxone or Narcan, the medication used to immediately stop an opioid overdose and possibly save a life. We share a clip of Bahari's single, "Jackie Kennedy."
“Be brave, ask for help, and be persistent in finding the mental help that you need.”
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