How to negotiate your salary


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Welcome to Chelsea's Career Corner! You are now entering a safe space, where you're encouraged to be brave, bold and unapologetic when it comes to building your career. Are you ready for your dose of motivation?

Have you ever taken the first offer that an employer gave you? Don’t worry, you are not alone. The majority of professionals take the first offer, but only because they do not realize that they can negotiate. Topic of today’s episode is salary negotiation and how you can get the salary that you deserve. So, keep on listening!

In this episode we cover:

● Being informed before your job interview

● How to find out an average salary for a position

● Keeping in mind your bottom line

● Make sure you always counter

● Defining your non-negotiables

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The majority of employers want you to negotiate and they expect you to negotiate, but they also know that a lot of people do not negotiate. So what do they do? They offer you the lowest salary that they can.


Negotiate and do not be afraid to. Because you are bringing amazing things to the table, that any company would be lucky to have. Value yourself, know your worth. Be okay with advocating for it, negotiating for it and be even more okay with walking away if you need to.

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