Why didn't they hire me?


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Welcome to Chelsea's Career Corner! You are now entering a safe space, where you're encouraged to be brave, bold and unapologetic when it comes to building your career. Are you ready for your dose of motivation?

You are doing everything right: your informational interviews, your networking, your cover letter, tour resume… yet you don’t get the job. This happens, rejection is part of the process. This is why, in today’s episode, Chelsea gets straight to the point in tackling the question – Why didn’t I get the job.

In this episode we cover:

· Rejection is a part of life, your YES is coming

· Outside factors that have nothing to do with you

· How to make the sting of rejection go away

· Don’t forget your self-care

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[00:03:28] With job interviews and job postings, and all of that stuff- you are going to get a NO. You’ll get multiple NOs before you get a yes, it just kind of is what it is and you can beat yourself up over it. You know why? There are a lot of outside factors that have nothing to do with you, when it comes to job search.

[00:08:53] Your YES is coming and NOs happen for a reason. And you will get a yes for where you are supposed to be.

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