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The Titan of the Telecaster, King of Dieselbilly, and Mr "Hot Rod Lincoln" himself Bill Kirchen chews the Gristle with Greg today. They dig into Bill's history, beginnings and talk about the differences between being a working musician then and now. And of course, they talk Tele!
1:36 - Bill’s first live-music experience in a year
3:41 - How Bill’s music journey began (hint: it was folk music), and brought him out west to San Francisco
10:24 - Bill as a “rambler”, what that means to him, and the hit “Hot Rod Lincoln”
13:12 - Bill’s decision to relocate to Washington, D.C.
15:21 - What drew Bill to the Telecaster, and the beauty and mystery of vintage Teles
26:10 - Bill’s preferred guitar rig in these contemporary times, and a juicy conversation about TONE
33:54 - Bill’s touring / performance schedule pre-pandemic, and how he pivoted professionally in 2020
51:13 - Earnings as a musician - where and how to make a living
56:54 - Bill’s relationship (professional and personal) with Nick Lowe
64:15 - The D.C. music scene in the mid to late ‘80s, and Bill’s relationship with Danny Gatton
71:31 - Austin, Texas - Bill’s current home and inspiration
Total Length: 79:43

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