Getting angry and cussing with The Rev. Hannah Wilder


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The Rev. Hannah Wilder joined me several weeks ago and I know you’re going to love her. Hannah is ordained in the Episcopal Church and among her many roles in the Diocese of San Diego, she is a curate at St. Mark’s City Heights. Hannah is a passionate leader in the work of reconciliation and inclusion, and man, you should hear her preach about justice. We are so lucky to have her as a priest in the Episcopal Church.

Hannah and I talk about death, dying, racism, patriarchy, and what the hell we do with our feelings. Enjoy the abrupt beginning, the pure joy of friendship, the multitude of f-bombs, the invitation to examine your beliefs and the chance to offer yourself some grace, some compassion, and some good old fashioned self-love.
We both love you, and would both love to hear from you if you have anything to share in response to this conversation.
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