168: 7 Strategies to Get Higher Quality Leads & Increase Show Rates!


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The biggest issues doctors have with Facebook™ marketing come down to these two things: poor quality and no-shows. When people do sign up, many don’t respond, don’t have any money, or never show up when they do schedule appointments.

We are going to show you several different strategies to eliminate these issues!

On this live training, we'll be unpacking "7 Strategies To Get Higher-Quality Leads & Increase Show Rates" and what you need to do to MAXIMIZE your new patient flow from Facebook, Instagram, AND Google for your business.

- Discover how to get leads to prepay for appointments - When you get them to put some skin in the game, the show rate will definitely increase.

- Learn if you should use online scheduling - Having leads schedule online isn’t always the answer, but when done correctly can be a game-changer.

- Dramatically increase your current ROI - If we can show you how to increase your show rate with the same budget you are currently using, your return on investment drastically

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