CINEMA CRAPTACULUS 64 "Army of the Dead"


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It’s undead Vegas, baby! Join John, Dave & Adam as they head to sin city for a new kind of buffet!
Las Vegas has fallen to the Zombie empire. Now, days before being wiped off the map by a presidential ordered nuclear strike, Bly Tanaka, a Japanese billionaire, needs his own Ocean’s 11 to pick up 200 million left in a very well protected safe in the basement of one of the strip’s casinos.
Now, Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) leads a group of money-hungry misfits back into the sunny streets of Las Vegas to lay claim to some of that money. But Scott’s estranged daughter demands to come along to help save a female friend who got captured and was left inside the city limits for dead.
But these Zombies are not you’re run of the mill “Braaaaaaaiiiiiinnnns” eaters. There’s a new breed of zombie among the shamblers, the alpha zombie that is created by the King Zombie, a cape wearing, brains protecting, super zombie who is a father as well…but more on that later because now it’s time to join the ranks of ARMY OF THE DEAD!
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