B-SIDES 16: "High Spirits"


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Join Tara, Adam & Dave as they go into the Irish country side to an old, castle turned bed and breakfast to wake some HIGH SPIRITS!
Here’s how April M. Cheek describes the movie on IMDB:
When Peter Plunkett's Irish castle turned hotel is about to be repossessed, he decides to spice up the attraction a bit for the 'Yanks' by having his staff pretend to haunt the castle. The trouble begins when a busload of American tourists arrive - along with some real ghosts. Among the tourists are married couple Jack and Sharon. Sharon's father holds the mortgage on Castle Plunkett, so she's hoping to debunk the ghosts. Jack, on the other hand, after meeting pretty ghost Mary, is very eager to believe. Can there be love between a human and ghost? Jack and Mary are going to try and find out.
It’s Pride month, so we’re supporting the Marsha P. Johnson institute a charity created to elevate, support and nourish the voices of black trans people. You can find more information at Marshap.Org
“Carpentune” Intro and outro music composed & performed by Gregory Bromfield
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