CINEMA CRAPTACULUS 63 "Willy's Wonderland"


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It must be our birthday because today we’re headed down to WILLY’S WONDERLAND!
A quiet loner played by Nicolas Cage (and by quiet, I mean the kind of silence that makes mimes green with envy) breaks down in a small out of the way Nevada town. To get his car fixed, he agrees to the very shady deal of cleaning up a children’s arcade/restaurant in lieu of payment.
But in this creepy fun house, the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese rip-offs aren’t just mechanical Furries... they’re hosting the souls of psychotic serial killers who built Willy’s Wonderland to be a Venus flytrap for innocent families.
Now these demonic critters prepare to feast on Nic Cage as Liv, a teenage townie with a personal vendetta against Willy’s tries to rescue the silent stranger. But they soon find out that he’s not trapped in there with them... They’re trapped inside with him! Looks like it’s time to party at WILLY’S WONDERLAND!
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