The Flagship Show: A Chat With Patreon Member Joe Wiles - Sports Scores Part 2


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Today we present part two of a chat between host Erik Woods and Patreon member, Joe Wiles, on THE FLAGSHIP SHOW on the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST.

Joe Wiles is one of two CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST patrons who signed up for the exclusive top COMPOSER TIER at the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST Patreon. Joe took advantage of the tier's exclusive perk to co-host a program with Erik Woods and play whatever music he wanted. Joe and Erik talked for a considerable time so the show has been split into two parts.

In part one, Joe and Erik talked about sports-themed films and their scores including selections from HOOSIERS (Goldsmith), DAYS OF THUNDER (Zimmer), ROCKY (Conti), FOR LOVE OF THE GAME (Poledouris), FIELD OF DREAMS (Horner), and THE ROOKIE (Burwell).

The conversation continues on part two as they discuss the music from WIND (Poledouris), REMEMBER THE TITANS (Rabin), RUDY (Goldsmith), TIN CUP (Ross) and a surprise selection at the end of the program.

Special thanks to our Patreon supporters: Matt DeWater, David Ballantyne, Mindtrickzz, Joe Wiles, Rich Alves, Maxime, William Welch, Tim Burden, Alan Rogers, Dave Williams, Max Hamulyák, Jeffrey Graebner, Douglas Lacey, Don Mase, Victor Field, Jochen Stolz, Emily Mason, Eric Skroch, Alexander Schiebel, Alphonse Brown, John Link, Andreas Wennmyr, Matt Berretta, Eldaly Morningstar, Elizabeth, Glenn McDorman, Chris Malone, Steve Karpicz, Deniz Çağlar & Brent Osterberg.


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